Russia: Situation in Venezuela improving, Lavrov says ahead of Latin American tour

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed Venezuelan political crisis and the situation around Iran in an interview in Moscow on Tuesday ahead of his Latin American tour.

The Russian diplomat said that situation in Venezuela “is changing in the right direction” as the opposition and President Nicolas Maduro’s government are committed to dialogue.

“I hope, taking into account positive comments from President [Nicolas] Maduro and opposition activists about how the negotiations are going, that an agreement which is suitable for everyone can be achieved.”

Lavrov also said he doesn’t think that nuclear powers decide everything in the world, using the situation in Venezuela as an example.

“If nuclear powers decided everything, the USA would have long ago accomplished the change of a legitimate president and a legitimate government.”

Lavrov went on to discuss the USA’s position to Iran and its nuclear programme, saying that “there are a lot of hotheads in Washington, D.C. who want to solve the problem with Iran by military means.”

He also said that Moscow doesn’t believe that US President Donald Trump wants to use force to solve tensions in the Persian Gulf.

“I don’t think he shares such views but, unfortunately, many American politicians still share this idea,” he concluded.

Lavrov’s Latin American tour will take him to Cuba, Suriname and Brazil, where he will participate in the BRICS Foreign Ministers Meeting.

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