Russia: Thousands protest in Moscow after opposition candidates barred from vote

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More than 12,000 people demonstrated in support of politicians who were barred from taking part in a city council election in Moscow on Saturday. Opposition leader Alexei Navalny joined the disqualified City Duma candidates on stage.

“When you go down to the subway to get here, you see barriers. When you go out to the avenue, you see barriers again. When you read about the rally, they call it ‘authorized’. It’s barriers again. And even during these elections, they had tried to surround us with their barriers”, said Dmitri Gudkov, a former member of parliament and one of disqualified candidates.

The candidates had to submit 4,500 signatures of potential voters by July 6th. The election commission turned down 57 candidates claiming irregularities.

The Moscow City Duma election is set to take place on September 8.

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