Russia: Turkish-Russian agreement on Syria ensures ‘end to bloodshed’ – Lavrov

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the memorandum of understanding reached after marathon Russian-Turkish talks on Syria will “ensure the cessation of bloodshed,” during a press conference in Sochi on Tuesday.
“The actions that will start, the obligations undertaken under this memorandum, ensure the cessation of bloodshed, the cessation of the operation, which causes such a controversial reaction in the world,” Lavrov said, during the joint press conference with Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu.
The head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that there is a risk of militants fleeing and urged prison authorities to “accept their responsibility for that, so that this infection does not spread throughout the region”.
Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu said that Russia is “in contact” with Syrian prison authorities and those responsible for securing refugee camps.
“There was a period of more than two days when the protection was removed from some camps, and as a result some, according to our estimates up to 500 of those who were in these camps, I cannot say that all these people are terrorists, escaped. Now of course, as they convince us, measures are being taken by those who control this part of the territory to return them to their homes,” Shoigu said.
Earlier on Tuesday Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed a memorandum of understanding regarding north-eastern Syria after marathon talks in Sochi. The Turkish-Russian memorandum agrees to establish a ‘safe-zone’ in north-eastern Syria and conduct joint patrols in the area, and requires Kurdish forces to withdraw from the zone within 150 hours, starting from 12 PM Wednesday, October 23.

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