Russia: Ukrainian authorities incapable of solving Donbass issue โ€“ Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Kiev against launching any possible attack against the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk Peopleโ€™s Republics (DPR, LPR) during the World Cup, speaking during his annual โ€˜Direct Lineโ€™ Q&A in Moscow on Thursday.

โ€œIf it happens, I believe, it will bring about tough ramifications for Ukrainian statehood as a whole,โ€ he said.

Speaking about the overall situation in eastern Ukraine, Putin said that Kiev is incapable of solving the conflict.

โ€œHow is it possible to tackle this problem by considering these territories its own and at the same time keep blockading these territories?โ€, the president asked.

This year’s โ€˜Direct Lineโ€™ phone-in line is being held in an updated format. The event-hosting multimedia studio is equipped with video walls along the perimeter that enables Putin to immediately get in contact with regional governors and the cabinet ministers in order to address issues straight away.

Another feature of the ongoing session is the absence of a studio audience. Thus, allowing the Russian leader to focus on questions and requests filed by Russian citizens.

So far some 2 million questions have been submitted for Putin’s Direct Line 2018 Q&A. The first phone-in line with President Putin took place in 2001 when he received around 400,000 questions.

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