Russia: Zakharova calls alleged denial of visas to US teachers ‘fake’ and ‘shameless lie’

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Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova called the alleged denial of visas to new teachers at the Anglo-American School in Moscow a ‘fake’ and a ‘shameless lie’ during her weekly press briefing in the Russian capital on Wednesday.

According to the reports published in The New York Times recently, Russia has denied visas for 30 new teachers, some of which had applied with diplomatic passports, to work at the Moscow school run by the US, British and Canadian embassies.

“It is a fake that Russia does not issue visas to American teachers who work in Moscow. It’s just a shameless lie. The American side, diplomats and journalists, concealed the facts. If you do not provide information that you own for many years and you know the issue, then it is of course a fake. You form a certain public perception of the issue in the way you need, which doesn’t correspond to reality at all,” stressed Zakharova.

Zakharova also denied the alleged reports about Russia’s reluctance to discuss the issue of the Kuril Islands with Japan at the G20 summit in Osaka, due to fears of the military alliance between the US and Japan. The spokesperson said that the Russian and Japanese sides negotiate the peace treaty calling the rumors “fictions.”

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