Saudi Arabia: Reconstruction ongoing in Aramco oil facilities after drone attack

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Saudi Arabia’s national oil and gas company Saudi Aramco provided the opportunity to media crews to film the ongoing reconstruction works of the oil facilities in Khurais and Abqaiq on Saturday, just a month after the attacks.

Apart from the ongoing reparation works on the structure, journalists could also see an exhibition of mechanical drone parts and fragments — which Saudi authorities say are from the drones used in the attacks — as well as damaged equipment such as melted and shrapnel-ridden pipes.

The attack on September 14 saw the oil processing plant in Abqaiq targeted with 18 drones and three cruise missiles. Khurais oil field was hit with four missiles. Both sites are operated by state-owned Saudi Aramco.

As a result of the attack, the oil output of Saudi Arabia was reduced by almost half, the equivalent of nearly five percent of global oil output.

Houthi forces operating in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack, however, the US and Saudi Arabia have both placed the blame on Iran, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling the attack an ‘act of war.’ Tehran has since denied any involvement in the attack.

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