Serbia: Third stage of joint military drills between Russia, Belarus, and Serbia concludes

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The third stage of joint military drills between Russia, Belarus and Serbia, an exercise known as ‘Slavic Brotherhood 2019,’ concluded near the city of Pancevo in northern Serbia on Tuesday.

“In line with the drills’ aim and based on the decision made by the joint battalion’s commander, the enemy was blocked and defeated by an attack in stride. The staff despite facing the language barrier problem acted jointly, manifested coherent actions during the drills. Today this all has taken place at two testing grounds,” said Major General Aleksey Naumets.

As the plan for the drills detailed, soldiers at first simulated blocking and destroying the base of an ‘illegal militia group’ and released hostages in the Oreshats training area.

During the second step of the training exercise Russian, Serbian and Belarusian forces forded the Dunay river, landed in unknown terrain and destroyed the ‘illegal armed militia group’, according to a statement by the Russian Defence Ministry claims.

More than 600 soldiers from Russia, Serbia and Belarus are involved in the ‘Slavic Brotherhood 2019’ drills that are being held from June 14 to June 27.

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