Somalia: Blast near Mogadishu Parliament kills at least 8

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At least eight people were killed and 16 injured in an explosion at a checkpoint near the Somali Parliament in Mogadishu on Saturday. Witnesses say a car exploded while speeding towards the checkpoint.

“I saw a car speeding towards the Sayidka checkpoint near the Somali parliament building, then security fired at the car to stop it, and then it exploded and completely destroyed all the building and businesses in the area,” said Mustafa Moalim, one of the witnesses.

Footage shows a cloud of smoke, ambulances rushing to the scene and the aftermath of the blast site, including several damaged rickshaws.

Ali Mohamed, a rickshaw driver, was in a nearby mosque when the explosion happened. He said, “I got minor head injuries but many friends were outside packing their auto rickshaws. I have lost all of them.”

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