Spain: Catalan pro-independence flags burn as far-right marches for Hispanic Day in Barcelona

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Far-right protesters burnt Catalan pro-independence flags and held up Francoist symbols at a protest staged for Spanish unity during ‘Hispanic Day’ in Barcelona on Saturday.

According to media reports, around 100 people summoned by Spanish right-wing parties ‘La Falange’ and ‘National Democracy’, gathered at the famous Plaza Espanya square before making their way towards Montjuic mountain.

Protesters can be seen carrying banners reading ‘Long live the unity of Spain’ and ‘The unity of Spain is neither voted nor negotiated’, as they marched through the streets chanting slogans against Catalan independence supporters and holding flares. Starred flags, which are the unofficial Catalan pro-independence flags, are burnt during the demo.

‘La Dia de la Hispanidad’, or Hispanic Day, commemorates Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas and also honours Spain’s armed forces.

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