Spain: Doctors Without Borders call on EU to help Aquarius ship migrants

President of Doctors Without Borders organisation David Noguera called on the EU to do all that they can to help the stranded migrants on board the Aquarius ship to disembark to safety, during a statement on Barcelona on Tuesday.

Noguera urged the EU to find a way to help the people aboard the ship to disembark imminently, as several are already in a critical condition. He stressed that the polity should: “take the lead so that these situations, where people highly vulnerable are put in the place of hostages of contradictory policies in different countries, doesn’t happen anymore. It’s necessary a responsible and a human answer to this humanitarian crisis.”

Noguera stressed that the people on board need immediate help and so an answer must be found imminently.

The humanitarian ship Aquarius is the only one operating in the Mediterranean at present after a crackdown on NGOs.

Aquarius rescued 629 people in two different operations, with the coordination of the Italian coastguard. They were set to dock in Sicily, but Salvini responded by closing Italian ports and saying that Malta should take the boat.

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