Spain: Madrid demonstration in support of jailed Catalan leaders ends in riots

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A demonstration that brought together around 4,000 people to call for the “release of Catalan political prisoners” ended with clashes with police in the centre of Madrid on Saturday.

The clashes, which began after a group tried to block the Gran Via, took place around the Plaza de Callao. Some demonstrators reportedly began throwing bottles at the police, who responded by charging against the protesters. After the charges, the demonstrators threw chairs and objects at the officers. In the midst of the chaos, establishments closed their doors to protect the citizens.

According to Madrid’s emergency services, the riots resulted in a total of 13 injured, including three police officers, one of them by a cut in a leg, another by a fracture in the collarbone and the third by a blow to the head. The other 10 had no serious injuries.

Hours earlier, a group of people gathered at the confluence of Goya and Alcala streets under the slogan “Catalonia is Spain”.

The sentence against the Catalan leaders unleashed a wave of protests and riots that reached its sixth consecutive day, leaving hundreds injured and dozens of detainees. The majority have taken place in Catalonia, although there have also been demonstrations in solidarity with Catalan political leaders in other cities such as Madrid and Valencia.

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