Spain: Sanchez meets with Conte, calls on EU to help Italy and Spain recover after coronavirus

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Mandatory Credit: Moncloa

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Italian Prime Minister Antonio Conte held a press briefing in Madrid, Wednesday.

Sanchez called for a prompt response from the European Union to implement measures, such as the European Recovery Fund, to help the two countries recover from the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “July has to be the month of agreement, there is no other possible month, it has to be the month of July,” said Sanchez.

He also referred to the possible use of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) by those EU member states that are experiencing financial difficulties.

“About the ESM, let’s see, what doesn’t make much sense is that we create instruments, and then we are ashamed to use those instruments,” he added.

Italian Prime Minister Conte said that Italy and Spain will work together to recover from the consequences of the pandemic, as “the tragic experience of the coronavirus has brought our countries even closer together and reinforced our conviction that we must work together, in the same spirit, to ensure a renaissance of our societies and economies.”

Mandatory Credit: Moncloa

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