State of Palestine: Gaza families in need receive $100 grants from Qatar

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Impoverished families in the Gazan city of Khan Younis received a $100 (€89) grant on Thursday, courtesy of Qatar’s National Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza.

Qatari Envoy Mohammed al-Emadi of the Gaza Reconstruction Committee, announced on Sunday that 100,000 Gaza families facing dire economic circumstances would be receiving cash aid. A few days later that number was reduced to 60,000, with the envoy reportedly declaring that the remaining funds would be allocated to other projects in the enclave.

Scores of men could be seen lining up outside a postal bank to collect their payment. Many explained that while they were grateful for the aid, it was far from enough to cover much more than basic necessities.

“We need to work hard and eat from the money we earn, not from the aid from others. They have to find a solution for this to make some projects,” said one recipient.

Qatar announced in May that it would allocate some $480 million (€425 million) to Gaza and the West Bank in order to alleviate poverty.

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