State of Palestine: Hamas leader denounces ‘Peace to Prosperity’ economic conference

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Hamas Political Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh denounced the ‘Peace to Prosperity’ conference which kicked off in Bahrain’s Manama on Tuesday, during a counter-conference in Gaza City on the same day.

“America has failed in all of its policies in the recruitment of the region. They will not succeed and they will not be able to make this deal pass,” Haniyeh said. “I am inviting our brothers in the Fatah movement and the leaders of Fatah to gather and share this hall together now and to forget our pains because the battle is too hard,” Haniyeh added.

The ‘Peace to Prosperity’ conference, held by the Kingdom of Bahrain in partnership with the US, aims to achieve Palestinian prosperity and will focus on attracting more economic investment to the West Bank and Gaza with the help of governments as well as civil, social and business leaders.

The Palestinian National Authority already announced that they will boycott the peace workshop describing the investment plan as “abstract promises.”

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