Sudan: Opposition condemns ‘premeditated killings’ during June 3 crackdown

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A spokesperson of the Sudanese Professionals Association, Mohammad Naji al-Asam, condemned the ‘premeditated killings’ of opposition protesters on June 3, while speaking at a press conference in Khartoum, Monday.

Opposition protesters who had camped outside military headquarters in Khartoum were forcibly dispersed on June 3, reportedly leaving dozens dead and hundreds injured. Following the crackdown, protest leaders have called for a continuation of night protests demanding an immediate transition to civilian rule.

Sudan has been led by the Transitional Military Council (TMC) since the ousting of President Omar Al-Bashir in April of 2019, following mass protests against his 30-year rule. The Sudanese Professionals Assembly, an umbrella association of several national trade unions, has taken a leading role in organising the opposition protest movement.

Naji al-Assam said the group welcomes mediation by Ethiopia, but it is currently unclear when talks between the TMC and opposition protest leaders will take place.

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