Sweden: ‘Our politicians have betrayed us’ – Thunberg on climate change

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Sixteen-year-old Swedish student and environmental activist Greta Thunberg demanded that EU politicians stop “bickering” and start acting on climate change, while speaking to a crowd of students at the climate protest-strike that hit Stockholm on Friday.

“If the EU were to decide to seriously fight the climate crisis, it would mean a decisive global change. The EU election should reasonably only be about this. But it isn’t. Not at all. This election campaign is about politicians bickering with other politicians about issues that in a bigger perspective won’t be of any significance whatsoever,” she said.

Responding to the idea that students are going on strike as an excuse to miss classes, Greta invited everyone to join the movement. “Go on strike yourselves, [applause], go on strike from work, go out onto the streets and scream [applause] do something, we need your help more than ever.”

“Our leaders have betrayed us, our politicians have betrayed us, our media has betrayed us, to such an extent that we have to sacrifice our educations to do all that which most adults don’t dare to do,” she added.”

The protest was part of a larger movement, as the strike for the future has mobilised people from all around Europe, amid European elections.

The strike originates from “Fridays for Future”, a movement that was initiated by Thunberg, who has been demonstrating on Fridays since August 2018 under the motto “School strike for the climate” in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm.

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