Sweden: Saudi-backed Yemeni govt. delegation comments on ongoing peace talks

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Members of the Saudi-backed Yemeni government delegation said a deal was reached with the Houthi side on the release and exchange of prisoners and those kidnapped, while speaking to press in the Swedish town of Rimbo on Friday, where UN-brokered peace talks are taking place.

“We are now in consultations, and responding to calls by the International Community, the United Nations and its envoy. We are still discussing in the frame of a peace delegation. But if they [the other side] do not accede, we have many options, including resolving it by military means,” said Yemeni Agriculture Minister Othman Mujali.

The peace talks between the two sides aim to reach a consensus on various essential issues, such as the control over Sanaa’s international airport and humanitarian access to the country.

“We are eager to open Sanaa’s airport, and we demand to open Sanaa’s airport,” said Abdulaziz Jubari, adviser to Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Fighting between Saudi-led coalition forces and Houthi fighters flared up again around Hodeidah in November, despite the United Nations pushing for a resumption of peace talks.

September’s UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva failed after the Houthi delegation failed to show up for the consultations. The Rimbo peace talks kicked off on Thursday and will conclude next Thursday, December 13.

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