Switzerland: Extinction Rebellion activists stage sit-in at Geneva private jet terminal

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Dozens of Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists staged a sit-in at the entrance of the private jet terminal of Geneva airport on Saturday to protest what they characterise as the “absurd” nature of private jet travel given the climate crisis.

“Declare a state of climate emergency and act accordingly, truly declare it at the level of society and be at the centre of public debate. The second demand is to expect zero net CO2 emissions by 2025,” said one protester, describing the activists’ demands.

Protesters state that “one single hour of a private jet flying emits as much greenhouse gas as one Swiss in a whole year.”

The Swiss city is a nerve centre for the world’s wealthy and powerful who use the private jet hub for work and leisure travelling.

Some participants were there in the role of “Guardian Angels,” meaning they were there to support those who were actively blocking the entrance.

“We are in fact in charge of taking care of the people who are blocking and watching that everything is going well for these people: we bring them food, we bring them drinks,” said one ‘Guardian Angel’.

The demonstration against the climate impact of flying and the government’s support for airport expansion is part of a worldwide series of protests organised by XR that has seen thousands of activists taking to the streets and often getting arrested worldwide..

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