Switzerland: Swiss citizens vote in referendum for stricter gun control laws

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Switzerland has voted in a referendum Sunday to decide whether to enact new restrictions on guns to comply with European Union laws, as shown in footage from Zurich.

Poll stations opened their doors at 10:00 [09:00 GMT] and closed at 12:00 [11:00 GMT] across the country.

Footage from Zurich’s District 3 shows ballots being counted from the morning, with hundreds of votes being sent by post and having to be counted both manually and by machines.

Final results of the referendum are expected late Sunday afternoon, with early results anticipating a clear win in support of reforming Swiss gun laws. In that case, “ownership” of semi-automatic weapons would be restricted and become subject to additional administrative rules according to the legal amendment.

Opponents of the measure have warned that the new regulations would undermine traditional values.

For his part, Social Democratic Senator Daniel Jositsch reportedly said the measure would translate into improved security for Switzerland and a stabilisation of relations between Bern and Brussels.

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