Syria: ‘Hunger and poverty’ – Liberated Douma residents recall life under rebel rule

Residents of Douma described the tough life conditions under rebel rule in the Damascus suburb before its liberation by government backed forces last week, in a series of interviews on Sunday.

As food parcels and medical supplies were being handed out to Douma’s inhabitants, a couple of local men went on record about the horrific conditions in the once thriving town.

“We were living in hunger and poverty. One would wake up in the morning not knowing how to manage,” said one resident, claiming that rebels starved the population as the final assault on Eastern Ghouta began. “Why didn’t you distribute this food in a just way? Why have you let people starve?” he exclaimed.

Another resident claimed that while rebels were being evacuated, others were prevented from exiting the beleaguered enclave. “Our families are in the shelters. All the young men -like me- from the age of 15 till 40 were not allowed to get out,” he said.

On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) announced it has “fully liberated” the eastern suburbs of the capital Damascus, after repelling the last remaining group of gunmen.

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