Syria: Kobane protest held against Turkish military border incursions

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Hundreds of protesters gathered at Free Woman Square in Kobane city centre on Wednesday to condemn Turkish military incursions into northern Syria.

Protesters held flags and banners as they assembled at the square.

Kobane Canton Council Co-president Mistefa Ito addressed the protesters saying, “Turkey’s aim is to cause trouble between the different segments of this region.”

According to one protester, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (Rojava) has not been a threat to Turkish interests, adding, “it is Turkey that threatens the north eastern region with all its [social] segments.”

A convoy of Turkish military vehicles was seen moving in northern Syria close to Azaz late on Monday.

According to media reports, Ankara sent reinforcements to the border area.

In 2018, Turkey conducted an operation in and around the nearby town of Afrin as part of the Turkish-led ‘Olive Branch’ military operation against Syrian Kurdish forces.

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