Syria: Opposition form coalition amid discontent with parliamentary elections

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A group of opposition parties held a press conference at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Youth Party for Construction and Change in Damascus on Saturday, in response to the Supreme Constitutional Court upholding the results of the recent People’s Assembly elections, despite allegations of rigging and “interference”. The coalition included the Youth Party for Construction and Change, the Syrian Democratic Party and the Solidarity Party.

An official of the Information Office of the Syrian Democratic Party, Mohamed Kheir Lababidi, expressed his rejection of the results of the recent elections, saying: “We did not come here in order to host anyone, and we do not attack anyone. We express the will of the people, who are not unanimous in something, perhaps as unanimously on the partiality of the elections that took place now.”

Nawaf Al-Mulhem, representative of the People’s Party, said: “There is interference by the leaders of the Baath Party and directed to cancel [candidates for elections], and to choose [candidates for elections], because of their political orientations and so on.”

According to a statement read by Solidarity Party representative Muhammad Abu al-Qasim, the meeting resulted in the decision to form a national opposition coalition, combined of national parties, organisations, and figures, whose mission is to arrange the Syrian domestic house, and to promote national action to counter the culture of corruption and exclusion practiced by the Ba’ath Party.

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