Trump launches initiative to reach African Americans

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UPSOTWhen he secured the White House at the last presidential election, Donald Trump had the support of just 8 percent of black voters…Fast forward 3 years – and ahead of next year’s ballot – he headed to the deep south on Friday to try and net a bigger slice of the Afro-American vote. SOT DONALD TRUMP, US President “I’m thrilled to be here in the heart of Georgia to launch our incredible new nationwide grassroots effort – Blacks, think of this, Blacks for Trump, black voices for Trump, African-Americans for Trump. Call it whatever the hell you want, right?”The President was in the birthplace of Martin Luther King to launch that initiative – which his campaign says is aimed at “recruiting and activating Black Americans” in support of TrumpHe told the crowd that the backing he’s been getting from African Americans has been overwhelming.But research published in September found that a mere 4 percent of African Americans believe Trump’s policies have had a positive impact on their community. The President though was keen to stress that it his rivals who have been responsible for their woes SOT DONALD TRUMP, US President”Democrats threw open America’s borders to the deadly drugs and ruthless gangs that are all over the place to mass illegal immigration, which hurts the black community so badly. They pass crime bills that devastated your communities, and Democrats waged a relentless assault on the cherished values that have always defined African American families”UPSOT ‘LOCK HIM UP !!”A stone’s throw from the World Congress Centre though, there was a very loud reminder of the ongoing process which could well damage Trump’s hopes for reelection.Protesters gathered to show their support for his impeachment, and to voice their anger at what they call his broken promises and disastrous presidency.

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