Tunisia: Frontrunner Abdelfattah Mourou casts ballot in presidential election

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Deputy leader of Tunisia’s Ennahda party and one of frontrunners in the presidential election Abdelfattah Mourou cast his ballot at a polling station in the capital, Tunis, on Sunday.

“I am happy to live this moment, the moment when Tunisia elevates to the level of democratic nations. We are now like the countries that achieved this two hundred years ago, like the United States, France and Britain. It’s true that our path needs to be strengthened. It is true that small changes are still lacking, but we are on the right path,” said Mourou.

Tunisia held its second free presidential election since long-time leader Ben Ali was toppled in the 2011 uprising. The vote was supposed to take place in November but it was brought forward after the death of the country’s first democratically elected presindent Beji Caid Essebsi in July.

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