Tunisia votes in second round run-off

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Campaigning ended with an unprecedented TV debate …… between the two finalists in Tunisia’s presidential race Media mogul Nabil KarWEE is up against socially-conservativelaw professor Kais Saied … .. more than six million people watched – that’s almost the seven million people eligible to vote.. And voter interest is key this Sunday: With turnout low in previous votes. DLSJust 49% of voters cast their ballot in the 15th of September first round. That was better though than the 41% voting inthe sixth of October parliamentary electionLack of voter enthusiasm and lower support for mainstream candidates in favour of mavericks …represents a sea change in Tunisian politics. Political deadlock is already on the cards after the sixth of October vote for a new parliamentIt did not make clear which party and Prime Minister would be working with the new President. The results are still subject to appeal but they gave Nabil KarWee’s populist party – Qalb Tounes or Heart of Tunisia – 38 seats in a 217 seat parliament. Making it the second-largest. It trails the moderate Islamist Ennahda Party, which was give, 52 seats – well short of the 109 needed for an outright majority. Hamza MEDDEB, Researcher for the Carnergie Middle East centre”Putting a party alliance in place is going to be very difficult. May be the most likely scenario is a move towards a technocratic government backed by political parties.”Under Tunisia’s 2014 Constitution, the president exercises power jointly with the prime minister.In this year’s run-off, the only certainty … is that the person about to occupythe presidential palace will take on Tunisia’s political establishment.

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