Turkey: Migrants grateful after Turkey reportedly opens its borders to Europe

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Migrants and refugees filmed walking towards the Greek border near Edirne, on Friday, expressed their contentment after the Turkish government reportedly decided to allow refugees within its borders to try to enter Europe.

Kazala, an Afghan migrant who has been living in Istanbul said, “we want to go to Greece because Turkey is too crowded [with refugees] and there are problems with finding work now. We are going to Greece for a better life. The Turkish government did well opening the borders.”

Another migrant said “I want to go to Greece because I want to move to Europe. If I go to Europe I will get a citizenship. Living conditions are better there. There is war in Afghanistan and Turkey does not grant me citizenship. I have problems with my papers, I want to go to Europe for citizenship.”

Dozens of migrants and asylum seekers were seen heading towards the European frontier after a senior Turkish officials reportedly announced on Friday that they would no longer stop refugees from crossing into Europe.

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