Turkey: Protesters rally against domestic violence after mother murdered by ex-husband

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Anti-Domestic violence protesters rallied in the Turkish city of Besiktas on Friday, in the wake of the murder of Emine Bulut in front of her child by her ex-husband.

“One more time we witness another woman getting killed. A woman was killed again in Kirikkale, in front of her own daughter who was begging her mother ‘please don’t die’, while the woman was screaming ‘I don’t want to die’, she is a sister we have lost. We are here protesting on the streets to become the scream of Emine Bulut [Woman killed in domestic violence]. We know this is not the first or the last murder, because what feeds this is the male-dominant state of mind and the system,” Leyla Koc Uzum a protester at the demonstration said.

38-year-old Emine Bulut was stabbed to death on 18 August in a cafe in Kirikkale by her ex-husband as her daughter watched. A video of her murder was released onto social media where Bulut can be heard screaming “I don’t want to die!”

Since the footage was released, her name and final words have been used on Turkish social media to raise awareness of domestic violence in the country.

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