Turkey: Russian missile defence systems ‘would protect’ Saudi Arabia from drone attacks – Putin

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Turkey: ‘Make a wise decision’ – Putin offers Russian weapons to Saudi Arabia following drone attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed Saudi Arabia to purchase Russian weapons during press conference following talks with leaders of Turkey and Iran in Ankara, Monday.

“For the political leadership of Saudi Arabia it will be enough to make a wise decision, as the leaders of Iran did purchasing the S-300, and as President Erdogan did purchasing from Russia the latest S-400 Triumph air defense systems. They will reliably protect any infrastructure of Saudi Arabia”, – said Putin.

His Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani also commented on recent drone attacks on Saudi oil industry: “The people of Yemen was forced to retaliate following this daily flow of arms to Saudi Arabia and is used against Yemeni people. What Yemeni people are doing is protecting themselves, protecting themselves from the attacks”.

Iranian leader went on saying that “fundamental solution to this problem is the diplomacy. Maybe what we are witnessing within the Astana format will be the model.”

Speaking on Syrian crisis, Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered to build a refugee city alongside Syria-Turkey border: “We will not allow any terrorist corridor anywhere along our border with Syria. I would also like to emphasize that in this region we can build a refugee city, we can build a few accommodations for the refugees where they can grow some fruits and vegetables. We can start the preparations in this regard”.

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