Turkey: Syrian refugees deplore upcoming raids and deportations in Istanbul

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Syrian refugees expressed their concern and criticism towards authorities in Istanbul that set a four-week deadline for Syrians with a Temporary Protection Identification Document (TPID) to return to the provinces they are registered in or to face a forced transfer. The August 20 deadline was issued via a statement from the Istanbul Governor’s Office on Monday.

According to that statement, Syrians are required to carry their TPID or passports on them at all times.

A refugee residing in Istanbul shared his fear following the announced deportations: “We reach home terrified. Until we reach home we fear that someone might stop us, talk to us, or so. This is not the way we used to live. Where is the humanity?”

He added that “there is no work except in Istanbul, they are targeting us a lot. We are refugees; I raise my voice to the countries of the world pleading with them to stand with us. Everyone is deporting us, no one is supporting us at all, this is not right. Turkey hosted us for seven years then finally they are sick of us.”

Another Syrian refugee said that “they capture them on the way, here, and in the streets, whoever does not have a TPID is taken and deported without taking into consideration that they have families and children.”

Istanbul authorities indicated that about 547,479 Syrians are under temporary protection in the Turkish capital.

Some media reported that hundreds of Syrians mainly residing in Istanbul have allegedly been deported back to areas in northern Syria, including the province of Idlib.

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