Turkey: World-renowned Syrian singer opens charity bakery

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Syrian Dabke singer Omar Souleyman opened a charity bakery in the town of Akcakale, on the Syrian border, where he gives away over 2,000 loaves of bread every day to those in need. Footage filmed on Wednesday shows Souleyman in his bakery.

“For four days I distributed [bread] for free, to everyone, both Syrians and Turks, afterwards we started distribution only for orphans and widows. We distribute around 2,400 loaves of bread to orphans and widows every day,” Souleyman said.

His charity work did not start with the bakery, however. “After every performance, I allocate something [of the earning] to the poor. Since I started performing until this moment every time I go and return with an earning I allocate part of it to the poor and orphans,” he said.

The Syrian singer announced his plans to open new bakeries in the northeastern Syrian town of Tell Abyad in Raqqa governorate.

“In Urfa, there are six bakeries, if I open a bakery in Urfa I am afraid I might have trouble with the others, therefore, I will open one in Tell Abyad, it’s better. I have six unemployed sons, they would work there and at the same time we would help others.”

Omar Souleyman comes from the town of Tell Tamer in northeastern Syria. He gained an international following for his traditional wedding music performances after fleeing the war and seeking refuge in Turkey.

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