UK: ‘Boris No, Independence Yes’ – Independence protesters descend on Glasgow

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Scottish pro-independence protesters rallied in central Glasgow on Tuesday, against Boris Johnson’s appointment as the new Conservative Party leader and the UK’s next Prime Minister.

The demonstration was reportedly organised by a Scottish pro-independence group. Protesters held placards reading “Boris No, Independence Yes” and “Stop Boris, Independence Now.”

One protester expressed her fears about the future because she said Johnson “[has] not hidden the fact that he dislikes Scotland so much that we will be the start of his campaign for destruction.” She then called for “an independent Scotland” because she said “we’re destroyed otherwise,” adding that “Britain is no longer a country to live in.”

Pro-independence campaigner Tommy Sheridan said, “If there is a semblance of democracy, a semblance of democracy, you cannot have less than 0.5 percent of the 46 million registered voters across the UK getting to decide who the next prime minister is.”

Johnson won the Conservative Party leadership race to become the UK’s next prime minister, beating rival Jeremy Hunt in a ceremony in the Queen Elizabeth II Centre earlier on Tuesday.

Nearly 160,000 party members were voting in the last two and a half weeks to name the successor to Theresa May, who resigned as government leader on June 7 after her Brexit proposals were rejected. Johnson will officially take over May’s job on Wednesday, after she tenders her resignation to the Queen.

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