UK: Campaign offers students free donuts to register to vote in election

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The University of Bath launched a campaign called ‘DONUT forget to register to vote’ ahead of the general election on December 12. Footage filmed on Tuesday shows student given sugary donuts and muffins after registering on the spot.

“One way which we’ve thought to get engaged was to use donuts so ‘DONUT’ forget to register to vote and it’s worked out really well so if students register with us or have proof that they have registered then they get a free donut. It gets us talking about politics. It gets us talking about the issues and the policies that are affecting us but critically it shows the engagement that youth want to have in politics and should be having in politics,” said Alisha Lobo, a Community Officer at the university.

“Food works amazingly so I think it’s a well thought out process of attracting just few more students to such a good cause,” said Tomasz Wnuk, a student while Franceska Ren, another student said: “Maybe because people aren’t interested or they don’t think that parties there are going to represent them so they’re not that interested and maybe offering something sweet like a little treat gets people to go and register.”

Other UK universities have undertaken similar steps to encourage students to register. The University of Bristol and Plymouth Marjon University are offering a free drink on the polling day for students presenting their polling card. While the University College London (UCL) is running a ‘Goats for votes’ initiative offering students the chance to pet animals.

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