UK: Campaigner to take parliament suspension case to Supreme Court

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A lawyer for Northern Irish campaigner Raymond McCord confirmed in Belfast on Monday that his case against parliament prorogation was permitted to be heard in the UK Supreme Court on Thursday.

“Thursday’s hearing in the Supreme court is of constitutional, historical importance. We believe that this is the most important constitutional case of all time for the United Kingdom. It’s as simple as that. So, Northern Ireland needs a voice and it’s very important that Northern Ireland is represented as best as possible on Thursday in the Supreme Court,” said Ciaran O’Hare.

Meanwhile, McCoy and his lawyer appeared at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast to present a separate case against a No-Deal Brexit. The activist says such scenario would harm Northern Ireland’s peace process and the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

McCoy’s case against prorogation at the Supreme Court will be heard alongside similar proceedings from Scottish and English courts. A court in Scotland had already ruled that the government acted illegally while suspending parliament.

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