UK: Extinction Rebellion mothers call on political parties to act on climate change

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Environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion organised a protest with hundreds of mothers staging a roving rally around the headquarters of the main UK political parties in London on Monday, to call for action against climate change.

The women, alarmed by not being able to guarantee a safe future for their children, urged all the politic forces to act here and now, declaring the climate emergency.

Professor at Imperial College London Peter Cole, who attended the demonstration, criticised the current UK climate policy and ridiculed its commitment to turn carbon-neutral by 2050, saying “we will all be in our swimming costumes by then.”

Cole went on to blame UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the lack of action on the environment, saying “he can’t debate it, he is pretty ignorant on climate science, I am sure and he would just look like a prime twit with all the others there.”

The rally staged outside each of the five main parties’ headquarters took place just 10 days ahead of the December 12 elections.

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