UK: ‘Human rights nightmare’ – Amnesty Intl. protests Trump visit in London

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Activists from the campaign group Amnesty International unfurled a banner in Westminster, London, denouncing Donald Trump’s human rights record; as the US President landed in the UK for a ‘working visit’ on Thursday.

The banner, reading ‘Human Rights Nightmare’, was draped over Vauxhall Bridge, opposite the US Embassy, in order to be visible to the American diplomats.

Director of Amnesty International UK Kate Allen heavily criticised many of the US President’s policies, including the Trump administration’s splitting migrant families, introducing a discriminatory travel ban, withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council and engaging in massive weapons sales to Saudia Arabia.

The human rights group’s leader opined: “He has developed a really shocking record in terms of human rights. There are so many issues, where President Trump has literally simply put human rights absolutely to one side.”

“I think that he will see many people take to the streets tomorrow in London and in other parts of the country, to make clear that we don’t share those values. We don’t share the way that he discriminates, the way that he tries to pitch people against each other. The way that he talks about women, a whole range of issues that people in this country don’t support him,” added Allen.

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