UK: ‘It’s shameful’ – Former Ecuadorian consul on US authorities seizing Assange’s belongings

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Former Ecuadorian consul Fidel Narvaez said it’s “unprecedented and shameful” that US officials are reportedly being allowed to seize WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s personal belongings from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, speaking outside the consulate on Monday.

“We are making history now,” the former diplomat said, accusing the Ecuadorian government of allowing the “kidnapping” of Assange and the “illegal” confiscation of his personal belongings.

“There is not any judge, order, that authorises seizing Julian’s belongings, so no Ecuadorian judge has ordered that. I don’t think any US judge has ordered that nor a British judge,” he said.

The former consul stated that Assange’s possessions will now most likely be first sent to Ecuador and then to the US.

“Anything is possible because everything is so abusive and so illegal. It is not following even the basic legal requirements,” he concluded.

Two police officers arrived at the Ecuadorian Embassy earlier on Monday, after office of Ecuador’s attorney general, Diana Salazar, reportedly informed Assange’s lawyer, Carlos Poveda, that the WikiLeaks founder’s belongings, including computers, mobile phones, memory sticks and other electronic devices, will be seized and sent to the US as part of Ecuador’s response to the Department of Justice’s judicial request.

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