UK: Londoners react to Boris Johnson’s appointment as new Prime Minister

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Feelings were mixed as Londoners reacted to Boris Johnson’s appointment as the new Conservative Party leader and the UK’s next Prime Minister in the UK capital on Tuesday.

“I’m very pleased,” said a local who added the unlike current UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Johnson was ready to deliver on his Brexit promises.

“She could have taken us out in March but she didn’t, so she has gone and I’m happy that Johnson will get us out.”

Others were not particularly amused with the news of Johnson’s appointment as PM.

“He’s deceitful in his personal life, deceitful in his public life, how could we trust a prime minister like that,” said a Londoner who signalled out Johnson’s two-faced approach to the Brexit.

“Quite how we got to the state of getting somebody like him just defeats common sense,” another added.

Boris Johnson won the Conservative Party leadership to become the UK’s next prime minister beating rival Jeremy Hunt in a ceremony in the Queen Elizabeth II Centre earlier on Tuesday.

Nearly 160,000 party members were voting in the last two and a half weeks to name the successor to Theresa May, who resigned as government leader on June 7 after her Brexit proposals were rejected.

Johnson will officially take over May’s job on Wednesday, after she tenders her resignation to the Queen.

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