UK: Political leaders attend vigil for London Bridge attack victims

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United Kingdom’s political leaders including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Opposition Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan attended a vigil held at Guildhall Yard in London on Monday, in memory of the victims of the London Bridge stabbing attack on 29 November..

Mourners gathered at Guildhall Yard to pay their respects to the two victims that were killed, named as Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt.

“We come together this morning as Londoners to remember, to honour and to mourn the innocent lives lost as a result of the horrific terrorist attack this Friday,” said London Mayor Khan, adding that their thoughts were with the victim’s families as well as “all those injured or effected by the attack.”

On Friday 29 November, two people were killed and three injured in a stabbing attack, which has been treated as a “terrorist incident” by the London Metropolitan Police. The suspect, Usman Khan, was shot dead by officers at the scene.

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