UK: Premier League star Andre Gray speaks out at ‘Knives Down, Bikes Up’ demo

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Watford Striker Andre Gray and professional BMX rider Ryan Taylor joined the ‘Knives Down, Bikes Up’ demonstration against youth knife crime in London on Friday.

“Obviously supporting the movement of Bikes Up, Knives down – such a powerful message and it’s got such a massive backing, you can see how much they’re affecting the young kids and bringing them together and helping them,” Gray said at the demonstration.

Taylor also added that young people who carry knives are sabotaging their own future and that there are many opportunities for young people today to get out of knife violence.

The demonstration is part of the wider ‘Bikestormz’ project started in 2015 by Londoner and Instagram star Jake O’Neill after his friend’s older brother was killed in a knife attack. The project encourages young people in London to take up cycling and BMX riding as an alternative to getting involved in violent crime.

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