UK: ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ hoaxer arrives for Old Bailey sentencing

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A man from Lincoln who admitted to sending ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters to politicians and Muslims, appeared at the Old Bailey Court in London on Friday to receive his sentencing.

On October 12, the 35-year-old British national pleaded guilty to 15 offenses, including soliciting murder and staging a bomb hoax, after having sent letters containing the phrase ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ to Muslim politicians, former Prime Minister David Cameron and the Queen, among others. Threatening letters were also sent to other Muslims, and to mosques, some of the containing suspicious white powders.

Hoax bomb letters linked to Parnham date back to 2007.

The court is awaiting a doctor’s assessment, requested by the presiding judge, and will adjourn before handing him a sentence, according to the Old Bailey.

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