UK: ‘Trump Go Home’ – Anti-Brexit activists protest Trump visit to UK

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Anti-Brexit activists parked a spoof ‘Go Home’ van on Parliament Square in London on Thursday, to protest US President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to the United Kingdom.

Activists from the ‘Another Europe is Possible’ group set up the van with a screen mounted on it, which invited onlookers to gather at the same spot on Friday, for a protest against Trump.

Co-leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley, who was also present, denounced Trump, saying he’s coming “at an inappropriate time.”

“For Trump to come wading in at this point in the debate, even making the government more unstable at a time when we need to be actually moving forward together and finding a way forward as a country, is entirely inappropriate,” said Bartley.

“He’s clearly making a hash of it. He’s not contributing to making this situation any better for the people in the UK,” he added.

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