UK: ‘We are not robots’ – Protesters decry working conditions outside Amazon warehouse

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UK: ‘We are not robots’ – Scores rally outside Amazon warehouse over plight of workers

Scores of protesters rallied outside Amazon’s Rugeley warehouse on Friday, to demonstrate against what they describe as the company’s mistreatment of its employees as well as unsafe and “dehumanising” working conditions.

The demonstration was reportedly organised by the GMB union. Some of the protesters were dressed as robots, with various placards put up outside the Amazon warehouse reading “We are not robots” and “Against exploitation of workers.”

Allegations have emerged that Amazon warehouse workers have been forced to urinate in plastic bottles during their shifts.

One of the protesters claimed that Amazon warehouse workers “suffer the dehumanising indignity of having to carry a plastic bottle with them.” She also denounced the company’s “quick dismissals” due to illnesses and “far too many accidents.”

Regional Secretary of the GMB Birmingham and West Midlands Region, Joe Morgan, stressed that “conditions inside are an absolute disgrace,” adding, “We are not going to go away, Amazon.”

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