UK: Workers forced to quarantine on Herefordshire farm after dozens test positive for COVID-19

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At least 74 workers have tested positive for coronavirus at a farm near Malvern, in Herefordshire, forcing the farm’s roughly 200 workers into isolation on its property.

Locals spoke about the outbreak on Monday, while workers could also be seen in lockdown at the site.

The workers are being housed in a series of mobile homes at the site which normally house the seasonal employees during vegetable season.

“This shouldn’t be happening. Where we’ve just come out of isolation, work has been put under pressure already, and then they’ve got COVID. They should be resting themselves, and not spreading it again, and not, you know, be on a farm,” said one local resident.

Another said he was “fine with” the presence of COVID-19 on the property, run by AS Green and Co., provided the farm follows regulations and does not allow the virus to spread.

Health officials in England confirmed that three individuals, one of whom tested positive for the virus, left the farm against recommendations, leading to a police search for the missing workers.

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