Ukraine: MP releases another leaked recordings with Poroshenko, Putin, Biden

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Ukrainian politician Andrei Derkach on Thursday held a news conference in Kiev, publishing leaked recordings of two phone conversations allegedly featuring Ukraine’s ex-president Petro Poroshenko.

In the first conversation, which according to Derkach took place on April 30, 2015, Poroshenko talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Minsk talks.

The Ukrainian leader can be heard telling Putin that the project of sending peacekeepers to Donbass does not find any encouragement among Western partners. “They think that this is a Russian trap for me,” he says.

The two go on to discuss Poroshenko’s performance as president.

“I am proud of this and at least about the fact that my confidence and support rating does not fall,” says Poroshenko, to which Putin replies “Praise God. It is very important to have trust of people. It is the main thing, the key one.”

In another conversation released by Derkach, Poroshenko allegedly holds talks with former US Vice President Joe Biden.

It features Biden firmly condemning Poroshenko’s plans to undertake sabotage operations in Russia with covert operatives.

“Your military intelligence chief received a really clear message several weeks ago regarding our strong disapproval for proposed sabotage operation against military targets inside the Russian territory,” Biden says.

“I guarantee you that this will not happen again. Nothing like that,” Poroshenko can be heard saying.

In May, Derkach released the first batch of audio recordings allegedly featuring phone conversations between Biden and Poroshenko. The former Ukrainian leader has called the recordings a fabrication.

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