UN: Nebenzia calls for ‘restraint’ to avoid broader conflict after attack on Saudi oil facilities

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Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia called for “restraint” when commenting on the recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities while speaking to the press at the UN Headquarters New York City on Monday, though reiterated that the attacks were “unanimously and unequivocally condemned by all security council members, us included.”

“It is inadmissible that civil objects and social economic infrastructure are being targeted. What we said is that we should not hurry with conclusions because there are conflicting reports on who did it. Ansarullah took the responsibility, the United States is saying that they know for sure it was Iran, we don’t have a clear picture,” Nebenzia said.

The Top Russian Diplomat went on to comment on remarks made made by US President Donald Trump on Twitter that the United States was “locked and loaded depending on verification” of the culprits, saying “of course, we are very concerned that incidents similar to this may provoke larger conflict in the gulf. The gulf and the surrounding area of the Middle East have enough problems besides this, and a major conflict in the gulf would be definitely a disaster, we would want to avoid it at any cost and calling on all our partners to demonstrate restraint.”

When asked about the trilateral meeting between the presidents of Turkey, Russia and Iran in Ankara, Nebenzia said, “Of course one of the major things that they will be discussing in the implementation of the Sochi memorandum on the Idlib deescalation zone and how to effectively implement it.”

Nebenzia also touched upon the situation in Idlib saying that the ceasefire in the area was “violated by Jihadists.” In addition, the Russian envoy said that it was also violated by the United States on the first day of the ceasefire, August 31.

Mandatory Credit: UNTV

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