UN: Saudi Aramco attacks increase risk of regional conflict – UN Yemen envoy

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United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths said drone attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities in eastern Saudi Arabia risked dragging Yemen into a regional “conflagration”, as the US blamed Iran for the attacks during a UN Security Council meeting in New York City on Monday.

“This extremely serious incident makes the chances of a regional conflict that much higher and of a rapprochement that much lower,” said Griffiths.

“Emerging information indicates that responsibility lies with Iran,” said Permanent Representative of the United States to the UN Kelly Craft.

“We thank the Kingdom for its commitment to Yemen’s security, it’s stability, its unity, and its territorial integrity,” said Permanent Representative of Yemen to the UN Abdullah Ali Fadhel Al-Saadi in relation to Saudi Arabia. “Indeed, all threats to Yemen’s stability, is a threat to the Kingdom’s security and stability,” he added.

The drone attacks took place on September 14 at an oil processing facility in Abqaiq and at Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia, effectively disrupting half of its oil reserves. Houthi militants operating in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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