USA: Bolton announces fresh US sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela

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US National Security Advisor John Bolton announced new sanctions against “communist dictators” in Cuba and Venezuela, speaking at an event commemorating the 58th anniversary of the failed 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba, in Miami on Wednesday.

“Maduro’s repressive tactics including stifling all decent, arbitrary detentions, centralization of all government authority and fomenting distrust among citizens are straight out of the [Fidel] Castro playbook,” Bolton said.

He carried on by announcing the US’s intention to “end the Helms-Burton [Act] title 3 waivers for once and for all.” A move that would open the way for US citizens to sue individuals and companies for properties seized by the Cuban government after the revolution in 1959.

According to Bolton, the US treasury will implement further “regulatory changes to restrict non-family travel to Cuba” as well as the end of oil subsidies for Cuba.

The US advisor attended an event marking the failed attempt of ‘Brigade 2506’, a CIA-sponsored group of Cuban exiles that aimed to intervene militarily and overthrow the Cuban government of Fidel Castro in 1961.

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