USA: Businesses and UC Berkeley affected by Bay Area power shutdown

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The second phase of the PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) power outages in the Bay Area affected several businesses and the University of California, Berkley, as shown in footage filmed in San Francisco on Thursday.

According to reports, the planned shutdown left over 1 million people in the East Bay, South Bay, and Santa Cruz County without electricity since Tuesday night, with businesses taking losses. UC Berkeley campus can be seen virtually empty, with several on campus shops closed.

“I am waiting for the news because the school is closed and our consumers are basically the students from the University. So we cannot do anything, we’re just waiting, and that affects the business of course. I sent two employees back home today,” said Marisol Garcia, worker at restaurant in the area.

The company that handles electricity in the area, PG&E, reportedly decided to shut down power in several areas after assessing that strong winds hitting power lines, combined with hot and dry weather raised the risk of sparking wildfires.

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