USA: Buttigieg makes final push for support ahead of Nevada caucuses

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Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg made his final bid to voters at a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Friday, on the eve of Nevada caucuses.

The former South Bend mayor was welcomed on stage by actor Michael J. Fox.

Once on the podium, the Democratic hopeful addressed a crowd of supporters and said “so much depends on the choice that you are about to make in Nevada, because you are voting, you’re caucusing early, you’ve got a thumb on the scale in that American decision.”

Buttigieg also touched on migrant detention centres and said “there should be no such thing.”

“We will make sure that the authority for these facilities moves out of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which is there for enforcement. And instead, to the extent we ever need to have any facilities, they are about taking care of people and they are under the charge of health and human services.”

The 2020 Nevada Democratic caucuses are set to take place on Saturday, with the most recent polling placing Sanders in the lead, closely followed by Biden and fellow candidate Pete Buttigieg.

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