USA: ‘Down with Sisi’ – Protesters rally against Egyptian president in NYC

Dozens of protesters gathered in New York City on Sunday to rally against Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, just ahead of the start of the United Nations General Assembly.

Protesters can be seen chanting slogans and brandishing anti-Sisi placards.

“Today we are showing solidarity with the people in Egypt because Sisi is attending the United Nation General Assembly Meeting, and he’s going to talk about his failed war on terror in order to legitimize his military dictatorship. Down with Sisi. His military dictatorship has got to end. There is no excuse for it,” said event organiser Ahmed Elhad.

The rally comes just days after protests took place in Egypt in response to corruption allegations against the Egyptian president and his government.

Exiled actor Mohamed Ali accused the country’s leader of leading a lavish lifestyle while normal Egyptians live in poverty.

Sisi has dismissed the allegations.

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